Bavarian Alps (Garmisch) - 3


ఫోటాన్ said...

కొండా కోనా లోయల్లో..
గోదారి గంగమ్మా సాయల్లో..
మధురమ్మా ఫోటోల్లో....

శేఖర్ (Sekhar) said...

Nice place & good shots...Seems had a good time along with Coffee :))

Rajesh said...

Madhura gaaru, Please dont think I am rude and blunt...but you are spamming the same type of photos again.

For viewers like me, who visit maalika's photoblog once or twice a week may miss others photos who just upload one or two pics at a time

మధురవాణి said...

@ ఫోటాన్,
హహ్హహ్హా.. హర్షా.. పాట పాడేస్తున్నావా.. :))))
థాంక్స్. :)

@ శేఖర్,
Thanks! Yeah.. really had a great time there. :)

@ Rajesh,
Sorry for the inconvenience caused by my photos. I understand your point. I didn't realized this until now. Soon this problem will be cleared. It may take a day or two. Thanks for letting me know the problem! :)

S said...

భలే ఉన్నాయ్ లే.
అవును, మా ఊరిబొమ్మలు ఎప్పుడు పెడతావ్?? ;)