Magical మంచు - 1

Dew drops on Roses - 3


Karela Smiley - కాకరకాయ స్మైలీ :-)

Dew drops on Roses - 2

Dew drops on Roses - 1

ఓ ఇల్లు!

Swiss Chocolates


Britannia Bourbon

Tegernsee (Bavarian Alps) Germany

Allianz Arena

Football stadium in Munich, Germany

Inside the stadium

Dressing room

Players walk way into the field

Players area

The Pitch

For more details, you may have a look here.


* Those color quotes were taken from a greeting card.

Bavarian Alps (Garmisch) - 4


Kalakand/Barfi (కలకండ/బర్ఫీ)

రెసిపీ చెప్పిన ఫ్రెండ్ కోసం ప్రత్యేకంగా.. :-)